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Buyers Advocacy ..... Eliminating the Guess Work

Most buyers of property generally prefer to "do their own thing".

Things like researching the market, studying real estate internet sites, attending auctions, open houses and meeting agents at properties.

Bidding on your own behalf and negotiating the price for yourself can be exciting, rewarding and very satisfying. However, there are times when the assistance of a qualified real estate agent, a buyers agent/buyers advocate can assist in obtaining the best possible price.

You may be "time poor", inexperienced, overseas or have limited knowledge. What ever the reason, there is no doubt that for some people an experienced buyer advocate is essential.

Some of the things you should expect from your buyers agent include:

  • Loyalty, confidentially and impariality.
  • Knowledge of the marketplace, people and locational benefits.
  • Experienced negotiator and/or an experienced qualified auctioneer particularly if bidding at auction.
  • Access to current research, price guides, both sold and for sale.
  • An intimate knowledge of the paperwork.
  • Access to quality insured builders, surveyors, planners and other professionals.
  • Sensible, negotiated fees.
  • Clarity, in writing, of exactly what you receive for your money and when it is payable.
  • Levels of Service

The service levels required by buyers vary greatly. You may require a needs analysis and extensive research, a full search and shortlist purchase options. Or, you may have found "the property of your dreams" and it is due to be auctioned this Saturday!

Then you would engage a professional experienced advocate to discuss tactics and bid on your behalf. Buyer agents may approach specific owner/properties on your instruction.

A good buyers agent/advocate should save you time and money, reduce stress and for a sensible affordable fee.

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