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Investment Property Search ..... Wealth Creation

Investment Property Investment Property in Australia is a fantastic investment for anyone of any age or nationality.

Hay Property Group is committed to assisting anyone who has the desire and capital to achieve their dream of owning investment property.

Why Invest in Property?

When comparing all forms of wealth creation, property investment has created more long term millionaires than any other type of investment strategy.

One very important thing to remember when becoming involved with property as an investment, is that it is a long term strategy, not a 'get rich quick' scheme.

You need to be committed to your money being tied up in your investment until the time that it is financially viable for you to sell it and move on to your next investment.

You don't need to be wealthy already to invest in property.

With careful property investment selection, we can assist with finding the right property to suit needs and budget.

Advantages of Investment Property.

Capital growth, passive income, tax benefits and negative gearing are the distinct benefits associated with Property Investment.

Capital growth is the money you make as the value of your property appreciates.

Whilst there are no guarantees when it comes to property capital growth, history shows that steady growth has occurred over the years.

If you have a property that is negatively geared, you can deduct the costs associated with owning an investment property from your income. Whilst the interest on your mortgage is the biggest tax deduction, you can also claim costs such as property management fees, loan costs and repairs.

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