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Hay Property ..... Privacy Policy

Ways we may obtain information

  • By meeting with you personallyto assist Hay Property to provide the best service.
  • Instructions by you in written form via email fax or written letter.
  • These constitute acceptance of disclosure by you.

Use of your personal information

Will be treated as private and will not be provided to a third person except when necessary for us to provide our company’s functions or activities to you. The information is for Hay Property use internally so that we can provide the services you require from us.

Information will only be disclosed to other parties under certain circumstances and only if there is a belief that withholding this information could risk the wellbeing of the public, property or an individual.

The purpose of the information we collect

  • To provide better customer service and support in the areas of property and business valuation.
  • To confirm ownership of the business or property and for us to identify any encumbrances.
  • For us to confirm that the details and information you provide us is correct.
  • To maintain a relationship with you.
  • For us to identify you.
  • For billing information.
  • To maintain a database for our future reference and use.

Submission of Personal Information

Is voluntary, during each step, you can choose to exit the process and not proceed further; you also have a choice as to how much information you give although there is some mandatory information required for us to provide the service you seek.

Changes to personal details

Any changes of personal details are to be provided by you by contacting our office via telephone, fax or email. We hold no responsibility for any errors if personal details are not current.


So that Hay Property can provide the services of valuation, consultancy or advice to you, we will need your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of this information.

Access to the information you provide to us is available to you at all times. If, for any reason you do not wish to provide us with personal information you just let us know.

How we protect your private information

We administer every precaution to protect your information with up to date security monitoring, confidentiality clauses between our employees and password protected computers.When your information is no longer required by us we have a mandatory policy of destroying this information. Also as part of our service we have links to other businesses on our web site, submission of your personal information to other companies via links from our page is up to you and it is recommended that you read the privacy policies to of any of the links you follow from our site.

Direct Marketing

We do not provide information to any direct marketing companies.