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Property Development Analysis ..... Assisting Developers

In the current economic climate property developers need expert assistance with development projects. In fact, such analysis is mandatory to ensure the development project gets "off the ground". Stakeholders such as prospective investors, lenders, contractors and staff all need to know how the project can come together. Property development analysis is all about identifying the risks associated with the project. It is important to identify all potential development options. In this regard, Hay Property have developed their own in-house "En Globo Development Model" to assist developers in identifying all the potential risks and possible outcomes from the project. Many of our senior valuers are also proficient in the use and understanding of the "Estate Manager" program having undertaken additional training in order to both understand the program and logic behind it.

Our reports are used, and often a mandatory requirement, when funding is being sought by lending institutions. We can provide a range of scenarios to cover a number of different probabilities and options. We are able to assist all developers, large and small, experienced and those just starting out.

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