Property developers literally build additional equity (aka wealth) in an investment asset by systematically adding value to it by way of either renovation or development.

Adding value to property by way of renovation and redevelopment has become one of the best ways to generate additional wealth through property for many people.

We can manage and assist with all aspects of a project right through the development process, from site sourcing and acquisition, design and permits through construction to completion and sale or ongoing management.

Once a project is completed, the developer can either sell the completed development and take their profit or, alternately, retain it as an appreciating asset on their balance sheet while having the option to access their increased equity.

We are finding it to be increasingly popular with Baby Boomers who see it as an effective way to maximise the value of their existing property or another site while creating additional wealth for retirement.

It’s not just for downsizers though. Younger couples with children who are looking to improve their financial futures and create a better lifestyle are also keen on development.

It is important to keep in mind it isn’t a simple task, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

There are many ‘traps for old and young players’ that can dramatically impact the appeal and profitability of a project.

What type of renovation or development will have the greatest appeal to your market? Where should you buy? How much should you pay? What materials, fixtures, fittings and design features should you include or exclude? Why?

There are many steps in the process, and getting them all right and covered off correctly in the right order and timing can make a huge difference to your project and your profit.

At Hay Property Group we put over 30 years of property experience to work to remove stress for our clients who want to undertake renovations or property development.

Our clients receive a comprehensive and modular process that takes them from the decision to undertake a development or renovation project all the way to receiving the keys to their completed dwelling or dwellings.

You receive the benefit of accessing our network, built up over years, of professional and qualified service providers, suppliers and licenced and insured residential builders.

The process is effectively ‘turnkey’ in that we can manage the entire process from conception to completion on your behalf and we’re committed to ensuring every part of the process runs smoothly.

We understand you make a very important investment in any building project, both emotionally and financially.

We spend the time to understand your needs and are committed to consistent and clear communication. Even if it’s just to put your mind at ease, we’re only a phone call away.

If you would like to know more, please contact Geoff Gwillim to explore your opportunities and request a copy of ‘Your Project Made Easy’.

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