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Technology ..... The Hay Property Group

Hay property Group MelbourneAn integral part of any successful business is its infrastructure. At Hay Property Group we are constantly developing ways with which to communicate with our valuers in the field and our clients/customers.

Our fully automated systems keep track of valuers in the field so that they can respond to urgent requests without the need to return to the office, thereby reducing potential time delays.

One area, software, has seen the emergence of Squares, developed by Hay Property Group, and coupled with Filemaker and Windows, Squares allows real time valuations to be entered and transmitted to anywhere in the business world.

The added introduction of “Tablet” notebooks with Bluetooth Communications has meant that our valuers can spend more time in the field. The ability to transmit ‘real time’ data allows us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Acknowledging the importance of Information Technology, Hay Property Group has formulated a partnership with Consortium Group

Consortium Group provides expertise and services in all areas of computing, Windows and Linux networks and wireless communications.

Some of our recent upgrades include an Intel, 172GB, dual Xeon server, purpose built PC’s, laptops, wireless networking, Toshiba Tablets and Bluetooth Communications.

Other recent upgrades to our office include facsimile equipment able to handle multiple calls and simultaneous memory/send/receive capacity which is instantly available to our online network which is accessible by all staff members, and currently the redevelopment of our website.

With the continuous development of Squares and the technological support of Consortium Group, Hay Property Group will continue to maintain a position as a market leader in Independent Property valuing and Consultation.